I am tired of spending hours getting my health insurance company to pay my medical bills.

Whether you like your current health insurance plan or are looking for a plan that more closely matches your needs, consider signing up through the Working America Health Care program.

By enrolling in or renewing a health insurance plan using this website or a recommended licensed professional at the toll-free number above as a member of Working America or a labor union (if you are not already a member of either, you can join Working America at no cost today), you are eligible to receive a personal health advocate service at no cost.

Independent of any insurance company, the health advocate service is on your side and works with you to:

  • Help coordinate your care;
  • Answer questions about coverage;
  • Find the right providers and hospitals for your needs;
  • Explain conditions and treatments through a nurse helpline; and
  • Most importantly, protect you against being overcharged and/or wrongly charged by your health insurance company.