My health insurance costs too much.

The cost of health insurance plans may vary from year to year, depending on where you live and how much the health care providers or insurance company decides to charge. A plan that was affordable last year may not be affordable this year.

Keep in mind that you may be eligible for tax credits to help pay for some or all of your monthly premiums, depending on your family size, household income and where you live, even if you did not qualify last year. To find out if you and your family may be eligible for tax credits, check out our estimator here.

And finally, if you enroll in a qualified health plan through the Working America Health Care program as a member of Working America or a labor union (if you are not already a member of either, you can join Working America at no cost today), you are eligible to receive a free personal health advocate service—independent of any insurance company—to protect you against being wrongly charged or overcharged by your providers.