I am happy with my health insurance.

Congratulations! We are glad that you found a match with your health plan.

Keep your plan, but consider renewing your coverage through a licensed agent recommended by the Working America Health Care program.

By doing so, as a member of Working America or a labor union (if you are not a member of either, you can join Working America at no cost today), you are eligible for additional health-related member benefits at no cost.

These benefits include access to discounted dental and vision care and a free personal health advocate service*—independent of any insurance company—to:

  • Help coordinate all care;
  • Answer questions about coverage;
  • Help you understand your benefits and insurance plan details;
  • Recommend and find the right providers and hospitals;
  • Explain conditions and treatments through a nurse helpline; and
  • Untangle medical bills and, as appropriate, resolve claims should the need arise.