"It simplified the process having someone to walk through it all with you." - Robert S., from Portland

Health Advocate

As a member of Working America or a labor union, by enrolling in a qualified health plan through the Working America Health Care program, you and your family will have access to unique health-related member benefits such as a complimentary personal Health Advocate* with services to:

  • Help coordinate all care
  • Answer questions about coverage
  • Understand benefits and insurance plan details
  • Recommend and find the right providers / hospitals
  • Explain conditions and treatments through Nurse Helpline
  • Untangle medical bills and, as appropriate, resolve claims

 *Eligibility for the personal health advocate service is based on membership in Working America or a labor union and completed enrollment in a qualified health plan through the Working America Health Care program. Working America and Union Plus, the provider of Working America member benefits, reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time. If enrollment in a health plan through the Working America Health Care program is discontinued, the health advocate service also will end.

 Health Advocate is not affiliated with any insurance or third party provider. Health Advocate complies with all government privacy standards. Health Advocate does not replace health insurance coverage, provide medical care or recommend treatment.